History Of Saloons In Cincinnati


Presented by:

Molly Wellmann


Have you ever wondered what it was like to visit a saloon in Cincinnati over 100 years ago ? Let Molly Wellmann take you back in time with some fun stories and interesting characters, when there were over 1800 saloons in our fine city ! Check her out at Bourbon In The Park in the "Old Fashioned" tent!

Molly is honored to have been able to work at many popular, restaurants and bars throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She is now owner of Japp's bar. Molly was recently featured in Mid west living, Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer, People magazine, Cincinnati Businesses courier and city beat , as well as many well-read blogs. Also, the author of Handcrafted Cocktails. Molly was born and raised in Cincinnati. After 12 years in San Francisco, she returned to her beloved hometown to be closer to her family.

Finding Black History In Bourbon


Presented by:

Samara Rivers


Finding Black History in Bourbon. This lecture will take a look at the impactful role that African Americans have played in the whiskey industry -- from the very beginning to today, and even in the future. Come to the “Old Fashioned” Tent at Bourbon In The Park and meet the Chief Bourbon Enthusiast and Founder of the Black Bourbon Society, Samara Rivers.

Cincinnati: Bourbons Other City


Presented by:

Michael Veach


Michael Veach was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2006.  He’s written and contributed to five books and is the foremost authority on bourbon history.  In addition to this he is the former Filson Historical Society Bourbon Historian.  Michael has provided bourbon history education in many different forms over the years. He owns his own bourbon consulting company, Bourbon Veach LLC.

Exploring Vintage



Presented by:

Brad Bonds


Brad Bonds, Vintage Bourbon Curator and Connoisseur.Known for finding Rare and Old Bourbon and Whiskey.

He was one of the first in Kentucky to run an Antique Bourbon Speakeasy/ Bottle Shop, and is a co-founder of a Vintage Bourbon Bottle Shop opening soon.

During his session he will be discussing bourbon during the glut era from the 70's to the 90's and bring a few examples of bottles from that era. He will also be talking about his opening of a new vintage bourbon bottle shop and tasting room next month, and answer any questions people have about vintage spirts general. 

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