Taste Like A Pro


Presented by:

Joseph Head

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Want to learn to Taste Like A Pro? 

The One Man Bourbon Show....we will be tasting bourbon blindly, to judge whats in the glass with no label prejudice . This experience lets you know what you really like in a bourbon.


Executive Bourbon Steward, KY Col. and co-owner of the Century Bourbon House, Joseph Head knows a thing or two about that! 

Stop by the Tasting Tent at Bourbon In The Park as he talks you through everything you need to know to taste like the pros!

The Woodford Tasting Wheel


Presented by:

Whiskey Pete

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Being a Whiskey Ambassador requires a combination of education, personality, and a little bit of flair. Peter "Whiskey Pete" Wagner has all of that in spades. The Ohio Ambassador to Brown-Forman since 2009, he is a graduate of the Ohio State University with close to 20 years experience in some of the finest bars and restaurants in Ohio. He was certified as a Spirits Specialist in 2013. In his earlier years, Peter not only interned with Walt Disney World, where he worked as a Jungle Cruise Captain, but he also entertained thousands as a DJ at both 93Q and 88.3, in Toledo. Peter's current duties have him traveling throughout the state consulting on liquor programs and training and lecturing on Whiskeys and Tequilas.

Blend Like A Pro


Presented by:

Ed Bley

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Ed Bley is currently living every enthusiasts dream. Ed’s been involved with well over 100 private groups of whiskey enthusiast all across the world. He helped revive the famous Cork N Bottle. At that time he created one of the most well known whiskey programs in the world. Drawing lines of over 700 who camped overnight to purchase his private barrel selections and private blended whiskeys he has made the leap into the production world with the opening of Rising Tide Spirits soon to come. 

In our blending session we will quickly cover 

* Tasting whiskey and how to use a whiskey tasting wheel

* reasons and methods for blending 

* filtration and proofing 

We will talk about the samples at the tables and then spend about half our time working on our own blends winning blends table gets a prize. 

Exploring The Manhattan


Presented by:

Giacomo Cimenello

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If you’ve had a cocktail in Over the Rhine in the past few years, odds are you have been served by this handlebarred, Jersey native. Known for his boozy forward, absurdist milkshakes, Giacomo has garnered local and national attention for his cocktail creations. After cutting his teeth studying at Sundry & Vice, he went on to foster programs at Aster on Fourth, and both Branch Restaurant and Night Drop cocktail bar in Walnut Hills, where he now calls home. Giacomo’s Italian pedigree brings with him a strong predilection to balancing the bitter and the boozy with the gastronomic influence of modern cuisines. 

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