Bourbon 101


Presented by:

Bill Whitlow

Speaker/ Tasting

An interactive history lesson and bourbon tasting.  We will take a walk down memory lane, exploring bourbon and its presence in American history from the 1700's to today.  We will touch on certain historical figures, distillation, and what differentiates Bourbon from other whiskies.


Bill Whitlow started behind the bar at the age of 16. Barbacking through high school, he developed a strong introduction to the industry and continued to learn from his experiences. Bartending from the age of 20 years old, Bill has continued to pursue growth learning with every opportunity since.

In 2011, he began working at the illustrious Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, KY. This position enhanced his perception and encouraged Bill to pursue leadership roles in the industry. After being promoted to Beverage Supervisor at the hotel, he desired to try his hand experiencing different specialties within the industry. Bill then helped develop the Wiseguy Lounge brand for Goodfellas Pizzeria.  Five years, four locations in four cities later, Bill finally decided to step out on his own.  Whitlow opened Rich's Proper Food & Drink in 2018 in the Madison District of Covington, KY.

Bill has been active in the competitive bartending realm.  Bill is a two time winner of the Woodford Manhattan Experience, national champion for Ole Smoky Moonshine, and most recently, winner of the best Mint Julep in Kentucky!

How A Brewer Makes Whiskey


Presented by:

Brian Sprance

Speaker/ Tasting

Stop by the "Kentucky Hug" tent to hear from New Riff Distilling Head Distiller Brian Sprance, as he talks about How a Brewer makes Whiskey, My road from Beer to Bourbon.

Hear about Brian's path from making beer to distilling award winning whiskey- and experience a tasting of some of New Riff's specialty spirits.

Smooth Ambler: Deconstructed Contradiction


Presented by:

Andrew Robinson

Speaker/ Tasting

As Bottling and Processing Manager, Andrew puts to work his knack for palate, balance, and measure that he honed in the kitchen during his years of working as professional chef. Everything that happens to a spirit post-barrel (blending, barrel finishing, proofing, and bottling) are all a result of the care and finesse of Andrew and his crew.

Learn from Andrew Robinson who does it all from behind the scenes, and can really tell you what’s in each barrel.

In Depth Look At Limestone Branch Distillery


Presented by:

Stephen Fante

Speaker/ Tasting

Stephen Fante is the Brand Ambassador and Executive Bourbon Steward at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, where he spends his days taking visitors on tours of the distillery and sharing the Beam family history. Fante’s passion for educating visitors on bourbon and tasting techniques is evident as his high-energy tours are unforgettable. He also works as the barrel house manager, coordinating with local stores for private barrel selections. His previous experience in the coffee and tea business, working as a tea sommelier and national director of restaurants and country clubs, has been instrumental in developing his fine-tuned palate, which he now puts to use tasting some of the finest bourbon.

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