Bourbon On A Budget


Presented by:

Johnathon "J.O." Owen

Speaker/ Tasting

We all love a good glass of bourbon, don't we? But what if you only had $15 to spend on this beautiful brown nectar?

In this lecture I going to help show you that expensive and fancy does not always make the best bourbon selection. I will help educate you on some of the best bourbons to drink when you do not want to spend the big bucks. Why? Because some of the best bourbons are just sitting on the shelf not costing a full paycheck. And they are made by established well known companies, so you know you are going to walk away with some of the best priced bourbon around.


My name is Johnathon Owen, but you may call me J.O. I am a hardcore bourbon and liquor enthusiast who is always looking to push my palate and try new things. Every taste and smell has a story. My greatest joy is to find that story and share it with those willing to listen.

I have worked in the alcohol industry for 9 years now. 8 of these wonderful years have been at The Party source. I have managed the Education/Tasting Table for the past 4 years, and The Party Source Reviews on YouTube for the past 3 years. I also have assisted in over 200 single barrel selections during my time in the bourbon industry. Coming in to work is something I truly look forward to. I can only hope that all can share the enthusiasm I have towards all things bourbon and liquor.

The bourbons I will talk about: Zachariah Harris bourbon, J.T.S. Brown Bottled in Bond, Heaven Hill 90 proof 6 year old, Fighting Cock 103, Very Old Barton 86 Proof, Mellow Corn Bottled in Bond, Henry McKenna non age stated, and Benchmark 8

What's In A Mashbill?


Presented by:


Speaker/ Tasting

We tasted, we compared, and we found the truth. Come hear about the best bourbons for your bills!

This fun and tasty seminar will explain the 3 different type of mashbills that are used in Bourbon Making and how to differentiate between them. 

Making Your Mark In Cincinnati



Panelists:Molly Wellmann(Japps), John Ford(Littlefield), Nick Sanders(Horse & Barrel)


Stop by and listen as the minds behind some of Cincinnati's best Bourbon bars talk about how the are making their mark on the Cincinnati bourbon scene and what makes their spot special.  

Cigar and Bourbon Pairing


Presented by:

Maggie Kimberl

Speaker/ Tasting

Have you ever been told to pair a full bodied cigar with a full bodied bourbon and thought maybe that didn't make sense?

Stop by the Old Fashioned Tent at Bourbon In The Park and learn all about picking out the flavors of both cigars and whiskey and how to pair them with complimentary flavors in this seminar taught by American Whiskey Magazine Content Editor and whiskey and cigar pairing expert Maggie Kimberl.

Maggie Kimberl is an internationally published writer focusing on whiskey and cigars. Her work has been seen in Cigar AficionadoWhisky MagazineThe Whiskey WashAlcohol Professor, and more.

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